Entrepreneurship Awareness Program in Secondary Schools in India


The Department of Education, CTA took initiative to organize a half -day workshop to the Entrepreneurship Awareness Program in 5 Tibetan Secondary Schools in India from 18 – 24 October, 2016. A total number of 848 Tibetan children with 299 from TCV Chauntra, 110 from STS Chauntra, 200 from TCV Lower Dharamsala, 29 from Petoen School and 210 from THS Rajpur took part in the first phase of the workshop. Two more such workshops will be carried out covering a total of 15 Tibetan Secondary Schools in India and will benefit around 1500 Tibetan children.

The workshop aims to create the awareness about the entrepreneurship among the children, to inspire and motivate them to take up entrepreneurship as a profession in future. As required by our donors, we conducted pre and post-test in all the workshop to measure the immediate outcome. It is reflected from both the test that children have learned the meaning of entrepreneurship and were able to differentiate entrepreneurship with businessman.

The resource person organized different activities to motivate active participation from children during the workshop. The children took active participation and urged us to organize such workshops in the near future. The workshop proved fruitful for the children as they were able to understand the meaning and characteristics of entrepreneurship and the eminent entrepreneurs in our society.

The resource person for the workshop was Mr. Tenzin Norsang, Students Program officer of TED and coordinated by Mrs. Tenzin Legzey, EO, Humanities, DoE, CTA. The workshop is being generously funded by SOIR-I M