Publication Section


Publication and Terminology Section

There was no separate publication section under the Education department before 1979, but the projects like English-Tibetan Dictionary programme, Tibetan textbook editing along with others were already started. Then in around 1990, Tibetan textbook editor was appointed, and since then, new project like the publication of Phayul children’s magazine was initiated along with the continuation of the English-Tibetan Dictionary programme. From 1982-1993, Mr. Rikha Lobsang Tenzin, the then secretary of the Department of Education was the head of the section. From 1993 onwards, the publication section has been recognised as a separate section under the Department of Education. Mr. Pema Rigzin, former Kalon Shewo Lobsang Dhargye and Mr. Karma Monlam were consecutively appointed as the chief Editors.

In 1999, the publication section was shifted on the top floor of then Gangkyi Day School, now known as Sambhota Gangkyi Mewoen Tsuglak Petoen School. In November 2003, the textbook editing project has been given to the newly established traditional section of the department. Then the Tibetan Terminology Project has been initiated in 2005 under the Publication section, and till date, it has published seven series of Glossary of Standardised Terms. There are currently six staff in this section. Click HERE to know the current staffs.

Responsibilities of the publication section

  1. Under the Special Committee of Standardisation, appointed by the Cabinet (Kashag), the section edits and standardises the new Tibetan terms.
  2. Publishes monthly Phayul children’s magazine as a Tibetan supplementary reading material for the students from upper primary classes to the level of secondary classes.
  3. Publishes annual Gangjong children’s magazine for the primary students as a Tibetan supplementary reading material.
  4. Publishes other Tibetan language materials for all the students of primary, secondary and higher secondary schools such as dictionaries, workbooks, comic stripes, etc. From 1990 till date, the section has published and distributed 119 such materials to our Tibetan schools and students.
  5. The section continuously publishes 3-5 Phayul compiled comics annually depending on the availability of annual budget.