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Education Department Organised SEE Learning Workshop for the Level 1 Facilitators


Dharamsala: The Department of Education (DoE) of the Central Tibetan Administration organised a four-day SEE Learning Level 1 Facilitator In-person Workshop from 12 to 15 July 2022 at the College for Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarah.The workshop began with a short introduction of the workshop by the Director of the Office of Education Council, DoE. The core team of facilitators includes Geshe Lobsang Tenzin Negi, Professor at Emory University, Tsondue Samphel, Senior Instructor cum International Coordinator of the SEE Learning at Emory University, Geshe Tenzin Tsenlek, SEE Learning facilitator at CHTS, Sarah, Dr. Tenzin Sonam, Researcher at Emory University, and Tenzin Pema, Director of the Office of Education Council.The workshop participants include 13 school heads and 13 teachers & counselors from all the four autonomous school administrative bodies -TCV (11), THS (3), STSS (8) & SLF (4) along with three other participants from the DoE and CHTS. All the participants have been doing the SEE Learning L1 Facilitator online training course since February 2022 which will be completed by the end of August. After completing the major assignments of the course by October, all the participants will be certified SEE Learning L1 facilitators and will be facilitating SEE Learning in all Tibetan schools.This workshop mainly focused on learning, improving, and practicing facilitation skills along with the revision of all the important aspects of SEE Learning.The closing session was presided over by Geshe Lhakdor, Chairman of the Education Council and Advisory Committee of the Department of Education, along with Geshe Samten Gyatso, Director of the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics. In his address, Geshe Lhakdor emphasized the urgent need to protect and promote the Tibetan language and also to promote Secular Ethics in Tibetan schools and society. More importantly, he highlighted the interconnectedness of the Tibetan language with the Buddhist culture of love and compassion, ethics, and peaceful society. The representatives of the school bodies shared their knowledge and experiences gained from this four-day workshop. The vote of thanks was expressed by the Director of the Office of Education Council.All the participants were offered Khatak (traditional white scarf) by Geshe Samten Gyatso as a symbol of good wishes for the successful journey with SEE Learning in their respective schools.The workshop was kindly funded by DANIDA.

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