Traditional Academic Section


Traditional Section of the Department was set up on 1st November, 2003 in accordance with the resolution passed during the Fourth Tibetan General Education Conference held from 2-4 Jan 2003. The main objectives to establish this section are to preserve Tibetan language, culture and tradition, improve the teaching-learning of all the subjects taught through Tibetan language, and to enhance the standard of dialectic debate amongst students by organizing dialectic meets.

Responsibilities of Traditional Academic Section

1. Conducting workshops on teaching and pedagogy for Tibetan language teachers, Philosophy teachers, Music and Dance teachers, and Pre-primary teachers as per the BEP and implementing programs to improve the standard of Tibetan language for other teachers.
2. Conducting assessment and survey to analyse the standard of education in Tibetan schools and providing required educational facilities.
3. Providing recommendation letter for the appointment of Philosophy teachers, Music and Dance teachers and Tibetan language teachers as per the requirement of schools under CTSA.
4. Planning and organizing of dialectic meets of Tibetan schools.
5. Conducting evaluations and interviews for the Non-formal research program.
6. Planning and conducting Annual Tibetan Essay Writing, Annual Tibetan Calligraphy Writing, Tibetan language Topper Award, Gaden Phodrang Award to improve and encourage the learning of Tibetan language.
7. Planning and organizing Class V Common Exams, Leadership Workshop for Class X Students, Tibetan General Education Conference and Parents Conference in collaboration with Modern Academic Section.
8. Installation of classroom and hostel reading corner under EGR program.