Modern Academic section


Until 1990’s there was no separate sections for Academic and Administration in the DoE and both were under the direct supervision of the Secretary. However, in 1992, as a result of the decentralization process the Administration Section, Education Research and Project Section were formed. Later, in accordance with the resolution passed through the Fourth Tibetan General Education Conference held in 2003, Traditional Academic Section was set up and existing the Academic Section was turned into Modern Academic Section. Hence, two different academic sections as traditional and modern section were created.

Responsibilities of Modern Academic section.

  1. Planning and organizing of pre-service and in-service teachers training as required by the schools and implementation of school-based Teachers Professional Development Program.
  2. Providing recommendation letter for appointment of Music & Dance teachers, Philosophy teachers and Tibetan language teachers to CTSA, workshops and trainings, planning new innovative programs, transfer of CTSA schools and work related to CTSA.
  3. Maintaining data related to teachers and students strength, and summary of Class X and XII board exam results.
  4. Observing, supervising and taking care of all the Tibetan schools under STSS, TCV, THF, CTSA, SLF and private schools.
  5. Implementing ICT and STEM programs in the schools to enhance the teaching and learning of Science, Maths, and other subjects.
  6. Organizing of EGR workshops for parents and teachers, and Librarian Empowerment Program and distribution of story books.