The Department of Education considers counseling services as an integral part of imparting holistic education. Therefore, the Department of Education has started the Outreach Counseling Program at its target schools.
Prior to 2003, there was a staff designated as Career Officer to provide guidance to the students by visiting the Schools under Central Tibetan School Administration and Sambhota Tibetan School Society. It was in 2003, as per the Article 17 (5) of the Charter of Tibetans in Exile, the Tibetan Public Service Commission recruited a professional counselor at the Department of Education based on the Rules and Regulations formulated for induction of Professionals in the Tibetan Civil Services. Till 2005, the counseling needs of all Central School for Tibetans and Sambhota Tibetan Schools spread across India were met by a professional at the head office which was a herculean task. Seeing the huge number of the target group, the Department of Education plan to have zone wise unit so that students could have better access to counseling services.
In 2005, the Department of Education set up the South Zone Guidance & Counseling Cell, a branch unit of DOE Guidance & Counseling cell at the Tibetan Settlement, Mundgod headed by a resident counselor to cater to the psychological, academic & career needs of the students of schools in Southern India.
Two years later, the East Zone Guidance & Counseling Cell was set up at the office of Tibetan Settlement in Darjeeling which was headed by a resident counselor to cater to the similar needs of the schools in North East.
Besides counseling program, Inclusive Education program is administered through this section. There is a special officer appointed as Inclusive Education Officer to run the Inclusive Education Program.

Number of Staff at the Counseling Section

The Counseling Section has 3 trained Counselors & one Inclusive Education Officer.
Click HERE to know the Current Staffs in our section.

Target Groups

    1. All CST Schools
    2. Parents of the students of above schools
    1. All Schools under the administration of the Department of Education

What is DoE Guidance & Counseling Program?

DOE Guidance & Counseling program framework is adapted from the ASCA National Comprehensive Counseling & Guidance Model which is in practiced across schools in United States of America. The good point about this model is that it is so flexible that one can mould it to suit the needs of our own school & community. At the time, when Department of Education implemented the program, there was no such standardized Guidance & Counseling program in practice in the schools in India to base upon. In the recent past, the biggest challenge in India which directly affects the Department of Education CTA in regard to school guidance & counseling is that there is no national accrediting body or association to design the curriculum and set the national counseling standards & competences or bench mark etc. However, CBSE is now working on setting up Global standards in counseling services which is more or less adopted from ASCA National Comprehensive Counseling & Guidance Model.
This comprehensive program cannot be implemented by the School Counselor alone but it is collaborative in nature and has to work in team with the parents & other staff in the schools for successful implementation of the program. The said program is developmentally based and focuses on prevention.

DOE Guidance & Counseling is based on three domains viz Personal/Social Development, Academic Development & Career Development.

  1. Personal/Social Development
    • Self Acceptance
    • Emotional Maturity
    • Interpersonal Relationships
    • Decision-Making Skills
    • Awareness of Behavior Management
    • Personal Safety
  2. Academic Development
    • Skills/Facilitate Learning
    • Life-Long Learning
    • Attitudes/Behaviors that Facilitate Learning
    • Awareness of Learning Style
    • Goal Setting Skills
    • Time & Task Management
  3. Career Development
    • Attitudes/Work-Leisure
    • Occupational Trends
    • Life Goals/Life Assessment
    • Knowledge of World of Work
    • Awareness of Strengths, Weaknesses, Aptitudes
    • Skills to Investigate Career-Options
    • Employment Seeking Skills

How is the program delivered

DOE Guidance & Counseling Program is delivered through these four components:

  1. Developmental & Preventative Education
    • Classroom Guidance
    • Personal-Social Development
    • Academic Development
    • Career Development
    • Psycho-educational small groups
  2. Responsive Services
    • Individual Counseling
    • Small Group Counseling
    • Referral/Consultation w/ Agencies
    • Parent Consultation
  3. Educational Planning Assessment
    • Post-Secondary Plans
    • Orientation- School to College
    • Testing- Coordination & Interpretation
    • Scholarships
  4. Program Management
    • Program Dev. & Co-ordination
    • Planning Project
    • Submitting Reports
    • Implementation of Project
    • Monitoring
    • Public Relations
    • Community Outreach

How could you avail the services?

You can visit:

DOE Guidance & Counseling Section Department of Education, CTA or our branch office (South Zone Guidance & Counseling) at Mundgod through appointment or drop in

You can make a phone call:

Department’s reception: 01892-222572/222721
SZ Resident Counselor – 9945440699

You can sent email:

Guidance & Counseling section – [email protected]
South Zone Guidance & Counseling Cell – [email protected]

You can log onto our website ( or Lamton facebook for more information

Activities Conducted Annually

  1. Visit to schools to conduct abovementioned counseling program @ CTSA Schools
    • Conduct Class room guidance
    • Conduct Psychological Tests
    • Hold Individual Counseling
    • Hold Group Counseling
    • Consultation meeting with Teachers
  2. To organize school based Orientation for Class XII Passed outs @ CTSA Schools
  3. Organize Inter-house Career Quiz (CTSA & STSS schools)
  4. Organize Career Motivational Talk (CTSA & STSS Schools)
  5. Visit to Colleges to conduct Counseling session
  6. To conduct Parental Counseling @ Tibetan Settlements
  7. To organize Leadership Workshop for Tibetan School Prefects (All Senior Secondary schools in India & Nepal)
  8. To organize Leadership Workshop for College Students
  9. To organize Workshop for Tibetan School Guidance Counselors (TCV, SLF Nepal, STSS & THF)
  10. To communicate and correspond to students’ queries through email, Facebook & phone
  11. To compile and print the following:
    • Career Book for Middle School students
    • Handbook on Institutions
    • Career Workbook
    • Orientation booklet for Class XII passed out students
  12. To surf net, compile latest information on admission, entrance test and upload on
  13. Individual Counseling (Students/Parents) at the Office (Counseling section & South Zone)

Inclusive Education

The department of education focus on holistic development of every child thus we have education officer in the different fields includingart & craft and inclusive education. Every child has right to education and inclusive education is about including every child in school regardless of one’s ability, background, economic, age and sex etc. Most challenges part has been dealing with cognitive differently abled children so the education department, CTA has been doing following program in schools to strengthen the inclusive education.

  • Conduct in-service workshop on Inclusive Education for teachers
  • Conduct workshop on art & craft for holistic development of every child
  • Empowering schools on practicing art & craft
  • Initial teacher training on Inclusive education
  • Visit schools and talk with teachers on how to work with diverse learner
  • Visit schools and counsel student with special needs
  • Issue pamphlet and books related to inclusive education

Everyone is unique and that unique should be respected. Schools have separate period on Art & crafts where student learn different livelihood skills such as stitching, knitting, art, wood crafts, photography etc. whichaimed at promoting cognitive aesthetic and emotional growth. Students realize the joy of expression through various media. The role of Arts as an expression of human ingenuity, creativity and innovation can hardly be debated. It also help in early career planning by understanding their skills. Education department, CTA has been doing following program in to strengthen the art and craft activity.

  • Workshop for on art and craft for students and teachers
  • Exhibition on art and crafts
  • In-service teacher training on art and crafts


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