Terminology Section

In 2006, for the preservation and promotion of Tibetan language, the 13th Kashag (the cabinet of Tibetan secretariat) has emphasized and set up a terminology desk under the supervision and administration of the publication section, Department of Education. The main motive behind this project is to standardize the terms emerging in different fields of study and popularize the new terminologies for common use. Since October, 2016 the desk has been functioning as an independent and separate sections of the department.

Functions of the Terminology Section.

1) To search for words for general use or modern terms, translate their definitions and prepare drafts for the High-level Tibetan Terminology Standardizing Committee Meeting held thrice a year.
2) To give light to the old and extinct terms in the Buddhist text (Kagyur and Tengyur) and make extensive use of them accordingly.
3) To combine and edit the standardized terms and publish them in the yearly publication “Glossary of Standardized terms”.
4) To give outreach awareness talk on the importance of Tibetan terminology and its standardizing process by visiting different Tibetan settlements, schools and institutions.