Scholarship Program

The Department of Education (DoE) of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) oversees the education and welfare of the Tibetan refugee students from India, Nepal and Bhutan.
Every year around 1200 Tibetan students complete Senior Secondary education (Class XII) and opts for higher studies in various colleges and universities in India.
As counselled by His Holiness and also considering the need of professionals in CTA and Tibetan communities, the Department of Education (DoE) has taken the initiative to provide scholarships for students pursuing professional college degrees and research courses.
The scholarships are mostly awarded on a merit basis, but we also take special consideration for students from low-income families. The program rewards excellent students and supports underprivileged students.
With a high need for such financial assistance, the DoE is endeavoring to raise fund for such aid from various supporters around the world.
An annual contribution of US $ 1000 per child supports their higher studies. The DoE has also launched a Scholarship Endowment Fund, where an individual, group or an association can make a one-time contribution of US $ 10,000/ towards a scholarship for one Tibetan student to pursue higher education. It is envisaged that the interest accrued from the above-mentioned amount will comfortably provide scholarship for one student for higher studies.
Whenever the Department of Education receives scholarship offer from colleges and universities from India and overseas, an announcement is made through the official website and social media pages. It is also sent to all the Tibetan settlement offices and schools in India, Nepal and Bhutan.
The DoE scholarship Committee headed by Education Kalon (Minister) is the main decision-making body for all the scholarships program. All the decisions and selections are made as per DoE scholarship rules and regulation.

Sponsorship Program

The Department of Education of Central Tibetan Administration firmly believes that every Tibetan child living in exile should receive basic education. As highlighted in the Tibetan charter, our ultimate aim is to provide free education up to grade 12.
Our aims and objectives are:

1. To provide universal basic education for all
2. Install and imbibe Tibetan culture and identity
3. Become responsible human beings based on the principle of universal responsibility

As per His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s vision and aspiration, the government of India has established Central Schools for Tibetans (CST) separately to give free education to all the children. However, in 1975 CTSA asked the parents to pay the children’s boarding fees. However, many of the families were unable to do so due to financial constraints. Keeping in view the new development and the importance of education, the DOE established the scholarship program. A program through which sympathetic individuals and agencies can assist in providing free education to our children through their generous fund. 

With the kind and generous support, the number of children in our schools increased with many able to graduate and pursue their college studies.

Sponsoring a Tibetan refugee child provides free education along with other amenities such as food, tuitions, uniforms, toiletries and books. The children who benefit from the sponsorship program are those deemed most needy as per the background of the family. We accept a donation of US$30 per month per child (one-time donation of US$360). An official receipt, along with an acknowledgement letter and information of the particular child, will be provided upon the receipt of the donation. 

Since its establishment, the sponsorship section has undertaken a myriad of initiatives to improve the education and wellbeing of the children. 

Main functions of the Sponsorship Section are as follow:
1. Admission of children from the Tibetan settlements in Nepal, Bhutan and India in Central Schools for Tibetans (CST) after completing their Day Schools from their respective places. We also give admission to the children from Himalayan regions on special grounds. 
2. Find Sponsors for children, especially those from a poor financial background. Serve as a bridge between the children and the sponsors through letters either directly with sponsor or organizations.
3. The section also looks after the children belonging to destitute families, children of CTA Staff including children of Members of Parliament, Judiciary, Tibetan Army Political leaders (Dapon and Rupon) and the children under the Three and More Child Program.
4. To send the admission announcement of the schools through settlements offices.
5. The section provides pocket money to the needful children and covers travelling expenses of children hailing from remote places like Tuting in Arunachal Pradesh and Shawara in Nepal to go back home during the vacation.
6. We also give special admission to orphan and semi orphan children in Tibetan Children’s Village and Tibetan Homes Foundation, Mussoorie based on the recommendation letter from the settlement offices.

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