“We Need Your Help”

The Department of education/ Tibetan Children’s Educational and Welfare Fund (TCEWF) is the apex body responsible for providing support for the educational and welfare needs of Tibetan children in India and Nepal. The DoE strives to address educational concerns of various segments of the Tibetan community in exile; newcomers from Tibet and to those born in exile. The DOE continually assesses progress and evaluates new educational challenges. It currently oversees 72 Tibetan schools in India and Nepal with over 23000 Tibetan students studying in these schools.

It is the vision of DoE to ensure all Tibetan Children in exile receive both traditional and modern education, and thereby enable them to become self reliant, progressive and contributing members of the community and the world at large, while preserving their distinct language, culture and heritage. The Department of Education, CTA has been putting its best possible effort in improving the education of Tibetan children in exile from the last many decades, however the financial constraint at our end impedes the development to realize the objective. Therefore, we would like to urge you to render your kind support to any of the DoE projects listed below. We appreciate partial funding as well.

DoE Educational Development Project

Project Title
Fund Requested
1 Gaden Phodrang Merit Award Applicable for all Tibetan Schools ₹ 350,000.00 $5,833.33
2 Sikyong Award for Academic Accomplishment Applicable for all Tibetan Schools ₹ 150,000.00 $2,500.00
3 Scholarship for girls students Applicable for all Tibetan Schools ₹ 5,460,000.00 $91,000.00
4 Scholarship Endowment Fund Applicable for Tibetan Students ₹ 810,000.00 $13,500.00
Total ₹ 6,770,000.00 $112,833.33


School Infrastructure Development Project

Project Title
Fund Requested
1 Procurement of Xerox Copy Machine STS Mundgod (Primary School) ₹ 48,000.00 $800.00
2 Installation of Water filter STS Paonta (Senior Secondary School) ₹ 40,920.00 $682.00
3 Renovation of School toilet, dispensery & boys hostel STS Paonta (Senior Secondary School) ₹ 74,747.00 $1,245.78
4 Ceiling renovation of Senior girls hostel STS Paonta (Senior Secondary School) ₹ 804,367.00 $13,406.12
5 Ceiling & roof renovation of multipurpose hall STS Paonta (Senior Secondary School) ₹ 1,531,284.00 $25,521.40
6 Mattress for multi-purpose hall (40 Qty) STS Paonta (Senior Secondary School) ₹ 98,817.00 $1,646.95
7 Renovation of school pavement STS Gulledhala (Pre-Primary School) ₹ 304,875.00 $5,081.25
8 Construction of Boundary wall for 4 old staff quarters STS Lobersing (Primary School) ₹ 88,400.00 $1,473.33
9 Construction of 6 new Toilets STS Lobersing (Primary School) ₹ 539,627.00 $8,993.78
10 Renovation of Classrooms, office & kitchen STS Mahendragarh (Primary School) ₹ 1,318,947.00 $21,982.45
11 Construction of 6 new Toilets STS Mahendragarh (Primary School) ₹ 539,627.00 $8,993.78
12 Procurement of Library book shelves STS Miao (Middle School) ₹ 187,500.00 $3,125.00
13 Renovation of existing Toilet & installation of water filter STS Dalhousie -PPS (Pre-Primary School) ₹ 118,542.00 $1,975.70
14 Procurement of Furnitures STS Shimla-Bus stand (Pre-Primary School) ₹ 8,623.00 $143.72
15 Renovation of roof top & white washing of school building STS Shimla-Bus stand (Pre-Primary School) ₹ 211,973.00 $3,532.88
16 Repair of rooftop & furnitures STS Shimla-Sanjauli (Pre-Primary School) ₹ 333,333.00 $5,555.55
17 STSS Head office furniture Sambhota Tibetan School Society Head Office ₹ 800,000.00 $13,333.33
Total ₹ 7,049,582.00 $117,493.03


The detail project proposal will be submitted later upon receiving your email to support any of those projects.