2017 UWC Scholarship holder visits Dharamsala

Four students selected for 2017 United World College Scholarship holder with their parent/guardian visited Dharamsala to sign UWC Declaration form, and met with Mr. Karma Singey, Secretary of the Department of Education, CTA. Mr. Karma advised them that the scholarship is very prestigious and all must utilize to the best interest of oneself and for the community as a whole. He also said that one should be a role model for other Tibetan students who will continue to apply for this scholarship.

Ngawang Kalden who is selected for UWC in Canada said that, “Student who wanted to apply for any competitive scholarship must not heed to discouragement comment/s usually made by fellow students, but everyone must believe in oneself and come forward to do your best”. Tsering Lhamo who was born in Tibet and selected for UWC, Thailand shares her thought, “If you truly believe in yourself, you can do anything and your dream will be successful”. Third selected student for UWC, Thailand, Sonam Tsomo believes that, “Everyone should have a dream, but a realistic and achievable dream”. Last not the least, fourth student Tenzin Choedon selected for UWC, Norway confessed that, “she will use this opportunity properly, and expressed her grateful for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, TCV School, family and friends”.

All four students are expected to leave for their respective School very soon, and their paper work is being worked up by the UWC, India. The Department of Education is thankful for Horizon Foundation for sponsorship 3 students and UWC, Thailand for sponsoring one student.

Standing L-R:- Kunchok Tenzin (guardian for Tsering Lhamo), Ngawang Yonten (DoE), Karma Singey (DoE), Sherap Palmo (Mother of Ngawang Kalden), Pema Bhuti (Mother of Sonam Tsomo) & Wangyal Lama (Father of Tenzin Choedon) Sitting (L-R) Tsering Lhamo, Ngawang Kalden, Sonam Tsomo & Tenzin Choedon