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Additional MBBS Seats Granted

Two more additional MBBS seats granted for Tibetan refugee students The Department of Education is happy to announce that the State Government of Himachal Pradesh has very kindly granted two additional MBBS reserved seats for Tibetan Refugee students effective 2017. It was result of kind effort by Sikyong, Dr. Lobsang Sangay and consistent follow up by

2017 Sikyong Professional Sholarship Announcement

The Department of Education, CTA & the Tibet Fund are pleased to announce 8 Bachelor’s degree and 12 Post Graduate (Master’s Program) professional course/program. This scholarship is offered to encourage Tibetan students to apply to more competitive professional degree programs at selective professional schools in India. (1146)

2018 Pestalozzi Scholarship

The Department of Education, CTA is pleased to announce two Scholarship for Tibetan Student who have graduated from any of the Tibetan Schools to study A level Programme for Class XI & XII in Claremont School, UK. The Pestalozzi International Village Trust, UK funds the scholarship for Tibetan Students. The selection shall be held in

2017 Gap Year Scholarship

Scholarship for NEET/JEE Gap Year Study 2017 The Department of Education, CTA is pleased to announce scholarship to 20 students who wishes to take a gap year to prepare for next year NEET (MBBS) & JEE (Engineering) exams. The scholarship holder must undergo coaching from the reputed coaching institute in India. (585)

2017 DoE Annual Scholarship

[Note: This Scholarship may not be treated as right, but we invite applications from those who are really in need of Scholarship for further studies] Secretary (DOE 2017) Department of Education, CTA Gangchen Kyishong, Dharamsala 176215 District – Kangra, Himachal Pradesh For Inquiry, please contact: Ngawang Yonten Tsering Choezom Lobsang Dhargye Dechen Choedon Tenzin Youtso

2017 Dalai Lama Trust Scholarship

The Department of Education, CTA is pleased to announce 105 Scholarship from the Dalai Lama Trust (India) on the basis of following eligibility criteria – 100 for Bachelor’s degree (including diploma of 3 years) and 5 for Master’s degree. 1. Eligibility Criteria: a. One who is generally good at studies but could not perform well

Russian Scholarship for CTA official

The Department of Education, CTA is pleased to announce a scholarship opportunity for two CTA officials to pursue any Master’s program (including Russian language) in Kalmyk State University and Tuva State University. The Selected candidates will receive free tuition, dormitory accommodation, and maintenance allowance from the Scholarship. In addition to that Honorary Representative Telo Rinpoche