Library Cluster Meeting – 2017

A Library Cluster meeting was organized by the Department of Education, CTA at Tibetan Children’s Village School Chauntra on 21 July, 2017 in which 13 Librarians from Dharamsala zone (schools in and around Dharamsala) participated. Anchoring the meeting, Mr. Jangchup Nyingpo, Librarian, TCV School, Chauntra welcomed all the participants and made a brief introduction of the meeting.

Mr. Passang Tsering, Principal of TCV Chauntra, emphasized on the importance and role of library. He insisted that school libraries should be updated regularly and need to work according to the demand of the current time. All the students should be encouraged to read more and variety of materials. They should be given freedom to choose books and we should avoid binding the students with too many rules and regulations in the library. He further said that the digitalization of library is significant as the world is moving in that direction in every aspect of life. He also thanked the Department of Education, CTA for the allotment of special budget to schools to buy books and computers for the libraries.

Mr. Jangchup Nyingpo being the coordinator of this meeting, The following activities are taking place in TCV Chauntra library: maintenance of a reading log; a program called Readers of Dalai Lama (RDL) which has been carried out to improve the moral value of students by encouraging them to read books of H.H The Dalai lama and inculcate the reading habit; encouraging students to choose books on a criteria; and a careful selection of new books by a committee of the teachers.

The participants watched a documentary “Read between the lines”. It was made by ‘A Love of Reading Foundation’ (Fairview community school). A discussion was held on how to improve library activities and collected suggestions to bring uniformity across libraries in their activities and approach. In addition, the participants visited libraries at STS Chauntra and TCV School Suja. The visit was made to gain information about the functioning and to explore the collection of books in libraries of the two schools. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by DoE official.