Education Council

Introduction to Traditional Section

The Traditional Section of the Department of Education (DoE) was established in accord with the resolution passed during the 4th General Meeting of DoE on 1st Nov 2003 with the primary purpose of preservation as well as continuance of Tibetan language and its virtuous tradition in exile-Tibetan schools. In addition, to this purpose, this Section also aims to ameliorate all the subjects that are taught through Tibetan medium at Tibetan schools in India and Nepal.

Main Responsibilities of Traditional Section

  1. The Traditional Section organizes teacher-training programs based on the principles of Basic Education Policy to Primary, Middle and Senior School Tibetan teachers. This section also arranges workshops for all the non-Tibetan-language teachers who teach subjects other than Tibetan and English through the medium of Tibetan language.
  2. The Traditional Section oversees the status of Education in all the schools under Tibetan administration and monitors the responsibilities and situations of Primary, Middle and Senior School Tibetan teachers.
  3. This Section oversees the appointment as well as recruitment of Tibetan Teachers, Spiritual & Cultural Teachers and Music & Dance Teachers in all the Tibetan schools administered by CTSA and examines the educational status of these schools.
  4. This Section organizes, manages and supervises the annual Tibetan Calligraphy and Essay competition among the Tibetan schools in India in order to increase enthusiasm towards Tibetan language. The winners will be awarded and their submitted papers will be consolidated into a book to be published. This Section presents prize money to Tibetan language toppers in annual school examination. It further deals with work associated with Gaden Phodrang Scholarship.
  5. The Traditional Section handles the examination-based selection procedure of Non-Formal Research students and its related undertakings.
  6. This Section deals with the regulations associated with legal recognition of Tibetan Colleges and operations related with probing of educational status.
  7. The Traditional Section organizes Buddhist Dialectic meets for the students of Middle and Higher Tibetan Schools.
  8. This Section administers the facilitation, establishment, management and examination of educational related provisions in all the Tibetan Schools instituted in exile.