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ECE Parenting booklet: Parents and Children’s Daily Interaction

This book is a part of the Department of Education, Central Tibetan Administration’s Tibetan early childhood care and education project. Preparation and development of this book was done in collaboration with Vanderbilt University’s Design for America. It is a resource that would provide Tibetan families living in Nepal and India with research-based suggestions that could support early development through everyday interactions. We request Tibetan caregivers discerningly choose care-giving suggestions in the book. Caregivers are the ultimate experts on their own children, and this book simply provides suggestions that may be useful.

You can also read & download the book by clicking this link.

DoE holds workshop on POCSO Act – 2012, Adolescents’ Well being & Counseling Guideline to School Headmistress/masters
Early childhood care and education for Tibetan Children book