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Formulation of Curriculum Framework for the Higher Secondary Level.

Higher Secondary Curriculum framework meeting session.

Higher Secondary Curriculum framework meeting session.

Two days long meeting for formulation of curriculum framework for higher secondary level is held on 17th and 18th August, 2012 in Kashag hall, Gangkyi, Dharamsala. The curriculum framework for class XI and X is formulated by the committee members of curriculum framework based on the basic education policy for Tibetans in exile.

The first day of the meeting is formally kicked off with the brief introduction from Mr. Tashi Dhondup, the director of education council and the opening remarks by Mr. Ngodup Tsering, Secretary of Education Department. The Director of Sambhota Tibetan School Society Mr. Karma Chungdak, Education Director of TCV Mrs. Sonam Dolkar Samkhar, teachers from Central School for Tibetans, Sambhota Tibetan School, Tibetan Children’s Village and staff from DoE were present during the meeting.

For the two days long meeting, there has been substantial discussion on the drafted curriculum framework of higher secondary level and as a conclusion of the meeting, fundamental guides and resolutions for the drafted curriculum framework is framed. These fundamental guides and resolutions are highly indispensable elements for the formulation of curricula for various subjects of higher secondary level schools.

The 1st conference of the Education Council for Tibetans in Exile
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