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Tibetan Secondary Schools’ English Teachers attend Pedagogy Training at LPU

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Dr. Sanjay Modi, Mr. Tenzin Dorjee, the education officer and workshop facilitator with the participants

After the successful completion of leadership workshop last year, the Department of Education, Central Tibetan Administration, once again organizes the in- service training for Tibetan Secondary Schools’ English Teachers at the ovely Profession University in Phagwara from 20th to 25th June 2016. The sessions focus on the pedagogy of the four basic language skills: reading, speaking, writing, and listening. In addition, topics like language learning process, language for millennial, exploring games on language teaching, Socratic questioning, using literature in language learning, pronunciation, and grammar will also be discussed during upcoming sessions.

One English Secondary teacher from every school under the administration of Sambhota Tibetan Society Schools, Tibetan Children Village, Central School for Tibetans, Tibetan Homes Foundation, Snow Lion Foundation and other private Tibetan schools with the total of 26 teachers are participating in this training.

Dr. Sanjay Modi (the Executive Dean of the LPU), Mr. Tenzin Dorjee (Chief Education Officer of DoE), Miss Tenzin Yangchen (Education Officer) and other participants inaugurated the first day of the session with the lighting of a lamp. Mr. Tenzin Dorjee thanked the university for their support and excellent service. He also addressed on the importance of this event for the participants in terms of their own individual professional growth, which is evidently highlighted in the Basic Education Policy for Tibetans in exile.

The Dean of LPU welcomed all the participants and gave an overview of the topics that are to be addressed during this one-week training. He noted that the overall major concern of learning English is the communication skill. Highlighting the global realities of common demand of English as an international language, he urged the participant teachers to be aware of choosing right curriculum and textbooks with international standard. He also emphasized the teachers not to restrict the learning of a target language simply to an English class but to make it more inclusive. Interestingly, he also stressed on facilitating learners in building a formed mind who can respond to unfamiliar situations effectively.

Mr. Nitin Bibra, the Assistant Professor at LPU, followed the session on language learning process particularly on writing skill. Ms. Aishwarya addressed the afternoon session and talked in detail on Common European Framework Reference on language.

Earlier in September 2015 the Department of Education, in collaboration with LPU, organized the leadership training for heads and senior teachers of 34 Tibetan schools in India, at LPU campus. It was followed by Internal Meeting of Tibetan schools’ heads during which the essence of Basic Education Policy and need of the administrative and teaching reforms of Tibetan schools in exile were discussed. The gathering was addressed by Education Kalon Ku-ngo Ngodup Tsering, who emphasised on the importance of cultivating secular ethic and transforming our society through proper education.

Lovely Professional University had invited His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the campus at the 5th convocation of the University on 14th November 2015 as the Chief Guest.


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