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29th Tibetan Terminology meeting finalises over 575 standard terms


Dharamshala: The Terminology Desk of the Department of Education, CTA has finalised over 575 standardised Tibetan terminology for applications in Administration, Law, Politics, Technology, and Environment during a five day meeting of the High-Level Standardising Board held from 27-31 December 2021.

This is the 29th meeting of the Board and the purpose of the meeting is to standardize Tibetan terminology for the above application and to aid in the preservation of Tibetan language and cultural heritage.

The Terminology section of the Department of Education was first instituted under the leadership of the 13th Kashag in 2006. Since then, the Tibetan Terminology Project has finalised and produced 14 volumes of Glossary of Tibetan Standardised Terms.

The offices under the jurisdiction of Central Administration and institutes such as schools, monasteries, libraries, and media etc are advised to incorporate the standardized terms finalised by the Board.

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