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Education Department conducts meeting to review and finalise Class IX Mathematics textbook in Tibetan


Dharamshala: The Department of Education conducted a five-day meeting from 2- 6 May 2022 to review and finalise the draft of the first edition of the class IX Mathematics textbook based on the curriculum formulated under the principles of the Basic Education Policy for Tibetans in Exile.

The Director of the office of the Education Council explained the objectives of making the textbook and its implementation in the future. The meeting comprised Mr. Gedun Dhonyoe -the Education Council’s textbook section’s head, Ms. Tenzin Tsephel -Mathematics textbook editor, Mrs. Tsering Tsamchoe -STSS Math mentor, Mr. Sonam Gyalpo -TCV schools Math mentor, Mr. Pema Gyaltsen (TGT) -STS  Shimla Acting Principal/former Math teacher, Mr. Dawa (TGT) -TCV Gopalpur Math teacher and Mr. Lobsang Tenzin -former Math textbook editor. Together, they carried out a thorough discussion and made necessary alterations to nine chapters from the final draft of the Class IX Mathematics textbook. The department is planning to hold another review meeting for the remaining chapters soon.

Since 2014, in accordance with the curriculum formulated under the Basic Education Policy for Tibetans in exile, the department has published primary and middle schools Mathematics textbooks till date and this new edition of the Class IX Mathematics textbook will be published and distributed to all the Tibetan schools at free of cost.

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