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Education Department Releases Seven Nursery Rhymes and 21 Audiobooks for the New Year

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Dharamshala: The Department of Education (DoE) of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) wishes all a happy New Year 2023. The Department today launches 7 Tibetan animated nursery rhymes and 21 audiobooks through the official website and Sherig YouTube channel.

Knowing the effectiveness of animations and audiobooks on children of all ages, especially young toddlers in developing language skills, familiarising one’s culture, attaining a healthy body and mind, cultivating ethical dispositions, developing music skills, etc., the Department is making a great effort to produce more animations and audiobooks in the Tibetan Language. Tibetan children will have four more animations and six new audiobooks during the Tibetan New Year next month.

Enjoy listening to 7 new nursery rhymes:

  1. My story
  2. Tibetan months
  3. Be careful
  4. Twinkle Twinkle
  5. How happy we are today!
  6. Owl! Owl!
  7. Ba Ba Black Sheep


21 Audiobooks:

  1. Paldon & Seldon
  2. Kalachakra
  3. Visiting Shambala
  4. Little boy & Ogre
  5. Paljor & Magical Tortoise
  6. Visit to Tibet
  7. Mother
  8. Mother attending to Poultry
  9. Pearl Creeper (Mutik Trishing)
  10. Traveler & the road
  11. Hero of the Mountain
  12. Lhamo’s Smile
  13. Shepherd Passang and Sling
  14. Helen Keller and the Big Storm
  15. Kind Ghost
  16. Caretaker Norchung
  17. A friend’s Love
  18. Palden Lhamo
  19. Jowo Palden Atisha
  20. Saving the Dalai Lama’s Cranes
  21. Woenang & Semkar

This project is funded under the Tibetan Resilience Project (TRP) by USAID. All animations and audiobooks of the Education Department can be found on and its YouTube channel Sherig Video.

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