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Education Kalon Highlights Role of Headteachers as Liaison Between Students & Teachers at STSS 16th Annual School Heads’ Meeting

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Dharamshala: Kalon Tharlam Dolma Changra and Secretary Jigme Namgyal from the Department of Education, Central Tibetan Administration, attended the inaugural ceremony of the 16th Annual School Heads Meeting of Sambhota Tibetan Schools Society (STSS) earlier this morning at Norbu House in Dharamshala.

The opening ceremony of the three-day meeting was also attended by Director of STSS Tsering Dhondup and Deputy Director Tenzin Nagdon, along with 30 principals and headteachers from various Sambhota schools.

Secretary Jigme Namgyal, Department of Education, delivering his speech. Photo / Tenzin Jigme Taydeh / CTA

In his keynote address, Secretary Jigme Namgyal urged the participants to pool their suggestions and recommendations regarding improving students’ education as much as possible during the meeting. He said, “The agendas will serve as an annual plan for the Sambhota schools and would help the Department of Education for scheming future education policies and projects for Tibetan students”. At the same time, he stressed the department’s commitment to achieving students’ holistic development through the Basic Education Policy for Tibetans in Exile.

Similarly, given the potentiality of the young brain to learn new skills quicker, he highlighted imparting quality education from an early age to establish the overall well-being of Tibetan students. On that same note, he discussed the importance of students’ cognitive development through new pedagogical approaches, such as employing advanced education technologies. The secretary further implored school heads to instil a sense of allegiance towards the Tibet cause among Tibetan students and emphasised giving special attention in schools to children with special needs to strengthen the future of the Tibetan freedom movement amidst a dwindling number of Tibetan students due to several factors.

(From Left to Right on dais) STSS Director Tsering Dhondup, Education Kalon Tharlam Dolma Changra, Education Secretary Jigme Namgyal, and STSS Deputy Director Tenzin Nagdon. Photo / Tenzin Jigme Taydeh / CTA

Following Secretary Jigme Namgyal’s address, the chief guest of the event, Kalon (Minister) Tharlam Dolma Changra, delivered a speech to emphasise the execution of the resolutions adopted after the meeting at respective schools. She said the principal and head teachers must act as liaisons between the school teachers and students and, therefore, must put efforts into establishing a close relationship between the two while ensuring that the Education Department will provide necessary facilities to implement a programme that would help students’ knowledge growth in compliance with the Basic Education Policy. Before concluding, Education Kalon acknowledged that the department planned to survey students’ knowledge levels in Tibetan schools this year.

Over the course of the three-day annual meeting from 6 to 8 January 2024, the participant will discourse on agendas including revision of the previous meeting’s resolutions, implementation of the examination system, the promotion of secular ethics, and the exploration and testing of new avenues for student education improvement.

Group photo of the meeting participants and facilitators with Kalon Tharlam Dolma Changra and Secretary Jigme Namgyal. Photo / Tenzin Jigme Taydeh / CTA

The participants of the three-day STSS school heads meeting during the inaugural ceremony. Photo / Tenzin Jigme Taydeh / CTA

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