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New Audiobooks, Forgetful Aku Phagpa 5th Episode and Nursery Rhymes


New Gifts for Tibetan children from the Department of Education

Dharamsala: The Department of Education (DoE) of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) is happy to launch 18 audiobooks, 5 nursery rhyme animations and 5th episode of the Forgetful Aku Phagpa animation series under the Tibetan Resilience Project (TRP) funded by USAID. All the audiobooks and animations are available at and Sherig YouTube video channel. Also 10 famous Tibetan books are reprinted and distributed free of cost to Tibetan schools of grade higher than 6 standard in India and Nepal.

The Tibetan Resilience Project (TRP) is envisioned as a long-term initiative of the CTA and the SARD to ensure the financial resilience of the Tibetan community and revitalisation of the Tibetan language. The Language Revitalisation Program (LRP) of TRP is one of the prioritised projects of the CTA in consideration to the alarming concern towards Tibetan language. Many students and young Tibetans are unable to write or communicate well in Tibetan. It is observed that there are limited Tibetan reading materials, particularly for students from grades 6-12. LRP pays special attention to the secondary school students and make significant investments in translating and publishing children’s literature; production of animation and audiobooks; and the development of the DoE’s existing language learning portal


Visit here for the animation and audiobooks:      

YouTube Sherig Video: 

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