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Education Department Organized 3-day Competency-Based Assessment Workshop for the Teachers


The Department of Education, CTA successfully organized a 3-day workshop for teachers on Competency-Based Assessment in the Thumi Hall of Administrative Training and Welfare Society, Dharamsala from 21 – 23 June 2022.

The resource persons for the webinar are Dr. Gaurang Tiwari, Assistant Director, NABET, and Dr. Mamta Aswal and Dr. Bhaskar Chaudhary from Institute of Advanced Studies in Education, Kumayun University, Nainital. The focus of the workshop is competency-based assessment which is an important component of National Education Policy 2020 of India. The resource persons conducted hands-on activities for the participants to develop competency-based test items and assessment tools for different subjects.

Secretary Jigmey Namgyal of the Education Department of CTA graced the closing program on 23 June 2022. He stressed the importance of critical thinking and analytical mindset to distinguish right from wrong and need from greed. He requested the teachers to inculcate reading habits in the schools and to put effort into raising children to have analytical thinking. He also drew a comparative analysis of BEP-2004 of Tibetans in exile and NEP-2020 of India in terms of giving importance to the mother tongue at the early stages of learning, the need for a holistic approach to assessment, and recognising the importance of teachers, etc. He made the participants aware of the continued effort being made by China to destroy the Tibetan language and culture in Tibet and laid special emphasis on the need of improving the Tibetan language by the teachers. Recognising the importance of teachers and their work, he offered gratitude to the teachers for their tireless work and selfless dedication to their profession and requested them to continue to work hard in the school.

Prior to the closing remarks, few participants gave their feedback. The participants reflected upon their learning and gave positive feedback regarding the training methodology, content, and administrative support. One of the main trainers, Dr. Gaurang Tiwari also shared his experiences of working with the DoE and he hopes to continue to collaborate with DoE in many other educational training and programs. The program closed with a thank you note delivered by Tenzin Dorjee, Head of Academic Section. He urged all the participants to share their learning with their colleagues when they return back to their respective schools.

The DoE will organise a similar workshop for the teachers in the south school in Bylakupp from 22 to 25 August 2022.

The 3-day workshop is funded by the USAID.

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